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Research at Botany Department

Dr. Kishore Kr. Thapa is actively involved in research in Plant Genetic Resources ,Paleobotany-Palynology and Ethnobotany. Some of his significant works are presented below in snapshots.

Table 1. Significant Journal Publications of Dr. Kishore Kumar Thapa, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany

Sl. No.

Authors Name

Title of the paper

Details of the paper


More S, Thapa KK, Bera S

Potential of Dust and Soot from Air-Filters of Motor Vehicle Engines as a Forensic Tool: First Experimental Palynological Approach in India

J Forensic Res 4:177,2013


Thapa, K.K.

Citrus: An Indigenous crop of Darjeeling Hills,

Asian Agri-History Vol.11 No.2.133-137,2007.


Chetttri, M., K.Thapa and S. Mukhopadhyay

Marketing of Darjeeling mandarin: A case study. Proc. Natl. Sym. on Citriculture: A Road Map..

Indian Society of Citriculture. pp 240-244,2006.


Mukhopadhyay. S. and Thapa, K.

(2001) Citrus: Legacy and Biodiversity in Eastern Himalayas.

Science and Culture Vol. 42(1-2): 42-46,2001


Thapa Kishore and Subir Bera

A preliminary report on spore morphology of some ferns from Darjeeling Himalayas, West Bengal

J.Natl. Bot. Soc. 50: 35-46,1996.



Bera. Subir, Kishore Thapa and Narayan Ghorai

Tea weed Polypodium lachnopus as an alternative host for Tea pest Toxoptera aurantii from Darjeeling, West Bengal


J. of Hill Research 9(1): 128-130, 1996.


Thapa Kishore and Subir Bera

Soral Morphology and anatomy of a few ferns from Darjeeling hills, West Bengal.

Indian Biologist Vol. 28(2): 30-36,1996.