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English literature is hundreds of years old and continues to be one of the most popular courses of study in higher education. The language of a small European island has spread throughout the world partly due to the colonial invasion of the British and partly due to the flexibility and adaptability of it. The literature written in English, therefore, is no more confined to the people of mainland Britain, but has paved a long and colourful path to reach the wider world outside Europe. Thus, the study of English language and literature does not mean blind adherence to the culture of the former colonizers, but is a way of keeping in touch with the all-round progress taking place on this Planet.

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Obtaining a graduate degree in English language and literature is not a means of securing a good job merely, but a way of enlightening the mind, ennobling the soul and emboldening the character. Since the inception of the College as well as of its Department of English in 1956, the Department has been partaking in this noble mission by catering to the thirsty hearts of the young learners with the spa from the Helicon of great English authors. The Department prides in its richness of its alumni and is determined to serve the society and carry on its rich heritage in future as well.

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